by The Massage Store

Now more than ever, stress is a major factor in most people's lives.  It can be caused by work (or being unemployed), finances, children, marriage problems, and much, much more. 

Stress is a contributing factor in up to 75% of doctor's visits.  Keeping stress levels to a minimum allows everyone to be more productive, healthier and generally happier.

But how does stress affect employees at work?  Whether most of us will admit it, many people carry their stress and let it affect other aspects of their life.  Employee stress affects employers each and every day and can potentially have severe consequences.

Employee stress can lead to: absenteeism/sick days, accidents & worker's comp claims, errors in judgment, poor customer service, conflict with other employees, reduced productivity, decreased morale, and much more!  Each of these can have a dramatic and costly effect on a business if left unaddressed.

So, what can you do?  Recognize that stress is a factor is many of your employees' lives and provide them an outlet of relieving some of their stress on a regular basis. 

On-site chair massage is a great way of accomplishing just that.  We send 1 or 2 highly trained massage therapists to your office with portable massage chairs.  We ask that you provide us a conference room, empty office, break room, or some place away from their normal work areas, if possible.  Employees, if they desire, will receive a 5-20 minute seated, chair massage, while remaining fully clothed.  The therapist will focus on the employee's neck, shoulders and back, but as necessary, other areas such as arms, hands and legs can also be worked.

The frequency we come to your office is up to you.  Maybe you want once a week, every other week, or even once a month.  Sometimes the frequency is determined by the size of your staff.  If we can't accommodate everyone each time, then have us come more often so we each employee is able to participate and no one is left out.  If your business is seasonal, we can alter our visits to you accordingly.

In these economic times, everyone is watching their bottom line, and we fully understand that.  But please remember, healthy, productive, loyal employees are a very profitable asset to your company.  Can you afford to not take care of them?

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